Pet Sitter vs Boarding – Which is better for your pet?

When it comes to pet care there are many pros and cons to take in to consideration when deciding what is best for both your budget as well as your pet.

Pet Sitting Pros

  • Your pet can keep his or her routine. Especially if you own a puppy or kitten, sticking to a bathroom and feeding regimen is essential.
  • Kennels can harbor highly contagious illnesses like kennel cough, intestinal parasites, and distemper. When your pet remains in the safety of their own home, exposure to these diseases is minimal.
  • In the event of an emergency, pet sitters are specially trained to handle any health emergencies that may occur. If you have a pet with special dietary or medical needs, the caretaker can administer medications.
  • Pets are given special attention and playtime with pet sitters; things that kennels charge extra for.
  • Pet sitters can also bring in mail, water plants, and turn lights on/off to deter burglars while you’re away.
  • In home games of fetch with favorite squeaky toys!
  • Familiar neighborhood walks and then cuddles at home! Who doesn’t want to sleep in their own bed?!? …or on whatever surface is handy.


Pet Sitting Cons

  • Since pet sitters typically charge per house visit that can add up; dogs need to be let out multiple times per day, especially puppies

Boarding Pros

  • Kennels usually bill per day not per visit, with special extras offered for an additional price.

Boarding Cons

  • Contagious diseases, like kennel cough, distemper, giardiasis and coccidiosis are found in kennels. The cramped conditions make it simple for viruses and parasites to travel with ease among dogs and cats. Puppies and kittens especially should avoid being boarded as their immune systems are very susceptible to picking up these illnesses.
  • Since there are so many animals in one place, the staff can’t give each pet special attention. Extra playtime or walk sessions must be purchased in addition to boarding fees.
  • The kennel will perform feedings, bathroom breaks, and walks according to their schedule, not yours. Particularly with puppies, sticking to a schedule is important, so boarding a young animal is not recommended.
  • Drop off and pick up times for your pet is also dictated by the kennels hours of operation. In some cases you may end up having to drop them off a day early or pick them up a day later than when you actually leave or return.

“You’re leaving me where for HOW long?”

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