Danielle McCollough

Danielle McCollough grew up in Jacksonville, Arkansas and has been around animals pretty much her whole life. She grew up with a pet calico cat, whom she loved very much. After getting married, she had two little puppies with her husband. At one point Danielle, her husband and their growing family moved in with her in-laws. At the time their home included two dogs, three cats, a fish and two rats (which then later turned into twenty little cuties). Danielle is an animal lover all around. She spoils her cat enormously and considers her “my four legged baby!” To Danielle animals are the perfect cuddle buddy when nobody else wants to cuddle. Her interests include being with her family, and lately has developed a passion for thrift shopping and repurposing the clothing she discovers! She is also a Beach Body coach and loves helping others reach their health and fitness goal. There's nothing she’d rather do than to pay it forward. Danielle covers the Jacksonville area.