Jaime Skipper

Jaime Skipper is a current nursing school student at UALR with an adorable Rottweiler mix named Nikki! (Shown here with her prize-winning horse, Sheza) Quite the caretaker, Jaime has three years of experience as a veterinary assistant where she worked the kennel areas, prepped for surgeries, and administered oral medications as well as injectable ones. She has experience with a vast array of animals including dogs and cats, horses and other livestock, birds, rodents, pond ecosystems, saltwater aquariums, and many types of reptiles. She knows how to properly care for almost any type of critter.....right down to the African hissing cockroach. (Eeeek!!) In her free time, Jaime enjoys hiking, rock climbing, horseback riding, cycling, bonsai, and nourishing her own saltwater aquarium. There's nothing pet-related that she can't handle and Rockin' Paws is very proud to have her on the team! Jaime covers the Little Rock area.